Watch SwankTV in Full High Definition
...directly on your favorite Roku Channel


In addition to using your PC, Mac, Phone or Tablet, as a member of this site, you are able to watch any movies you rent or purchase, along with any Free Movies which are included in your membership on your Roku equipped television for FREE!

Now, from the comfort of your couch - or bed - you can enjoy your favorite movies in on your High Definition TV using your high-speed internet connection. Follow these simple instructions to link your Roku box to your account on our site, it takes only a few minutes. If you do not have a Roku, visit here:

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Shipping cost is 100% totally free!

How to Add the SwankTV Channel on

Step #1: Add the SwankTV channel

For this setup you need to have a Swank Membership and Roku Account

Login to at

Step #2: Add the SwankTV channel

In the channel input field please enter 'swanktv' and then click on 'Add Channel'

On next step you will have to confirm the channel.

Step #3: Channel Confirmation

When you see the channel icon show up on your screen confirm your wish to add our SwankTV channel. Once you do, your Roku device will be updated with our channel. You can logout of now!

Step #4: Check Channel Listing

Go to your Roku device, turn it on and view "My Channels". Our SwankTV channel icon should be listed here. If it is, continue with Step 5.

Step #5: Register your Roku device

On your Roku Device, using your remote, open our SwankTV channel. Immediately, you will see a screen with a short code that is used to link your Roku Device to your Swank Membership account made in step #1. Go to the webpage listed on the screen or click here. On that page enter your Swank Network membership username and password and on the next step the code that you see on your TV screen.

Step #6: Force Channel Update

You can now browse and stream from our channel untill your membership is active

Sometimes, the Roku device is a bit slow to update. You can force an update to show our SwankTV channel, just be selecting Settings from the main menu and then Update the Roku. This will force our SwankTV channel to show up.


Now, your Roku will show our SwankTV channel and you can Watch Movies! Any movie purchases or rentals you make will automatically display within our SwankTV channel as long as Swank Membership is in good standing. If you have any problems or issues show up for your viewing contact us using the links on the bottom of this page.